That Slice of Pizza

Pizza  Not Just eaten, but relished all around the world. A baked flour base with some veggies, topped with a whole lot of cheese. And they even offer to put double the cheese to please your tongue. These days the crust too contains that fluid cheese which oozes out as you dig your incisors into  THE ONLY palatable piece of food sitting right there in front of you. As the oozing cheese leaks to your lips and chin, the dextrous tongue skillfully wraps the whole of that desirable white stuff.

That first bite is just heavenly. At this point, the tongue plays an important part. It does a lot of multi tasking – telling the brain to put that pizza in your mouth and also putting words in your mouth which are all in praise for this lovely cheesy creation. As we advance to more bites, things start to change and suddenly you become aware of your age and even your weight. You also start hallucinating about that rebuking doctor. At 40, it’s not only the pizza going down your oesophagus. With every bite of pizza, you also swallow a bite of guilt as an accompaniment. But that moment (the moment of reunion with the pizza),  taste buds are the only thing  that matter. Who thinks about what’s after the tongue? The discomfort in the tummy, those medicines, the Doc’s warnings – who has the time to think of all that? This rendezvous with this sumptuous pizza is a short lived one, why let it go?

Beware of this mesmerising food. Its an accomplice to your tongue only. But think of it, would a pizza be really a pizza without that alluring, molten white lava?
So, enjoy yourself till the going is good. No regrets in life.

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