A voice and a microphone are no less than a paintbrush on a canvas – expressing yourself, in any form, is an art. All that is required is a story to tell. As a voice-over artist, I have the ability to channel my emotions into my work and embody each character that I play. While I’m at work, I’m no longer me; I have the opportunity to be somebody else, feel what they’re feeling and walk several miles in their shoes. And the best part? I get to share that with all my wonderful listeners.


I learnt the art of voice modulation under Mr Mani – ‘The Voice Over Guy’ and Voice Coach from Mumbai.

I was chosen as one of the winners of Storytel Voice Hunt 2018

English Demos

Animation- Character Voice- mystical
Voice sample- Child
Enchanting/ mysterious voice
Kids book- Story Narration
Voice Sample – Young Adult

Hindi Demos

Hindi Demo Reel

My debut video, dedicated to my mother. I will be bringing more content on the subtle things of life that affect us in a big way.

Punjabi Demos

Voice Sample – narration and character voices