Endless Calling

I received a joke on WhatsApp today, wanted to share it:
HUSBAND: “ Scientists have found that men say about 10,000 words a day, while women say about 20,000….
Wife (shouts from the kitchen) : “ It’s because we have to repeat everything twice to you blockheads!”

Being a wife and a mum, I couldn’t agree less.
A regular feature in every home. Except that there are more people in this BLOCK……S category. I mean, even the kids get used to all this. My voice is like some regular gong which everyone is familiar with and tends to ignore it. Either it seems like some background music playing or maybe an alarm which snoozes and after a while  sets off  again.

I have to repeat stuff a lot many times. At times my husband is so engrossed with something, I actually think he’s working. But actually, he never disappoints me, as I find  him playing ‘Boom Beach’ on his iPad. Even my daughter does such things, and this makes me furious. I have to call her at least 10 to 20 times  just to show up on the dining table for the eats. And this frequency of calling increases if it’s not the time for eats. ‘Cause then she knows that mum is calling for some chores.

IT IS HUMILIATING! WHY??? Does everyone find us repetitive. But then what do they expect? That we change our style of calling? Should I be roaring one day and bleating  the next day?? Though I don’t mind the first option….really. Or probably, call them in a sing song manner?….. And all this, just to gain attention, and seek attention for what?? For a call to eat before their tummy gives a hunger call??

You guys need to think about it again. And beware, if you don’t get that mundane call some day, you might have to cook yourself or go hungry. So learn to cherish that wonderful meal gongand DO REMEMBER TO ANSWER!!! 

written on: 11th May, 2017

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