Why do children listen to Daddies more than mommies??

 A big question. What is it that keeps them apart? Why is it that everything said by daddies, taken seriously? Why don’t kids argue with daddy?

Lets have a look at the following points for a little in-depth analysis:
Daddy brings home, money. But are little children aware of this fact?

He spends the entire day at the office because he’s a busy man and has no time for futile home affairs. So if daddy intervenes from his busy schedule it’s got be serious matter.

Do we moms put daddy on a pedestal? Often when a child misbehaves we tell him, “Wait till daddy comes home. I’ll tell him what you’ve been doing.” Are we demeaning ourselves by doing this? Or have we given up? Or are we tired of this monotony and want daddy to be a part of this mess that we face each day? Whatever the reason, daddies do have a larger image in the minds of kids.

Daddies do not spend much time with kids. So the formality that kids have in the presence of daddy can be attributed to his absence through the day.

Children think that daddy goes out, so he knows more than anybody else at home. In fact, at one point of time, my little one had doubts if I ever attended school. And all that I ever learnt was cooking.

Daddies do not involve themselves in minor stuff like “Did you wash your hands after poo poo ?”  or “Why didn’t you finish your tiffin today?” It’s not his job to look after the hygiene. He’s got talk about Math and Science. 

When kids don’t listen to us we resort to rebuking or scolding them while daddy’s little glare is enough to get the message across.

WHY??‘DADDY’ simply means ‘BUSINESS’.

Now we focus on the solution than the problem prevalent across all homes. What can we do about it?

Stop pestering the kids. Let them have their way. We are not reminder machines telling them they have a submission tomorrow or tomorrow is PE and they need to wear their sports uniform. For once let them go without their homework. And believe me, you’ll realise that they would understand what it means to be responsible – the teacher would take care of it when he gets a time out or detention. 

Involve daddy in small things connected to kids and not just studies. Let them be together over a game of checkers or chess. They’ll grow closer to daddy and see another face of him. This way, you too will get a break from the usual repetitive routine. Fix an appointment at the parlour and go pamper yourself. You’ll feel good.

But believe me, children value you a lot. So never feel disheartened.

Any problem , mommy always comes first. 

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