A Father’s Princess

I dedicate my first post to my Dad. He left this beautiful world a few years ago, and on his birthday, this 22nd day of April, I dedicate my poem that I wrote for him.

Oh Dad, Dear Dad, it’s your birthday today. Never thought I’d miss you so much this day. Actually, I always thought you’d never leave me and die, but the laws of nature, no one can defy.

Your voice keeps ringing in my ears, as you spoke over the phone. Always imagined a smiling dad in that warm and happy tone. Distance kept us apart, couldn’t meet you so frequently. It was your voice over the phone, that made me smile consistently.

It’s the 22nd of April and I don’t know where to call. So, here are birthday wishes from your doll. Wherever you are, wherever you be, below you, there will always be a family tree.

Even though I cannot hear your sound, I know you’ll always be around. Be my light, be my mentor, always guide me and never let me falter.

Today as I look at your ever smiling picture, I do complain, and I wonder, would I ever see you change that expression again? Would I ever hear you scold me, or laugh at my jokes insane? Would I ever get a chance to see you again?

I see grandparents at school every day, coming to fetch their grandkids each day. When I see them, I feel somewhat sad. And how I wish my kids could also see their GRANDDAD.

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