Attitude & Buttons

Weird combination, right? What is the relation between the two? Or rather, what could be the relation? 

It was just the other day when a friend of mine got infuriated over something. Her anger intensified with every passing minute. She completely flipped her lid. We wasted our energies trying to calm her down. The little gathering meant for some fun and gossip turned into a complete disaster. 

I came back home all frustrated, just to find my children quibbling over a television show. Their volumes were high, so were their tempers. They carried on raging, with their teen ego’s unwilling to relent. 

At first, I thought of stepping in as the mediator, but I had completely exhausted my energy for one such futile attempt; I didn’t feel like trying another shot. So, not paying much attention to the regular feature at home, I went ahead to shower, the only place for some quality ‘Me Time’.

The psychology of the human brain is quite intriguing. It has no boundaries, and the scope is vast, given that each individual is born unique.

Engrossed in my thoughts, I wondered, if we were born with a few buttons behind our heads, life would be so much simpler. If someone’s angry, just press the ‘Cool Off’ button. If you’re feeling nervous before a stage show, just one notch up on the little bar labelled ‘Confidence’ would do the trick. And the best one would be ‘the Feeling low’ feature on the panel- ‘Are you feeling depressed? Where is your Happiness metre? Let me help you.’ 

Is it too much to ask? If only God gave us these few pre-set buttons, life would be so much easier, without any complications. If somebody said something harsh to you, simply put your index finger on the ‘Forget’ button, and all disturbing memories get erased, so you can happily move on with your life. To remember things in life is important, but at times, to forget becomes equally important.

No misunderstandings, no need to analyse human behaviour patterns and no unnecessary melodrama or fuss. One press of a button and ‘Voila‘, all the mess is dealt with, in a jiffy. Seek the right attitude with a simple finger-touch. Ingenious, right?

But actually, we have enough machines in our present-day world. There are remote controls for practically everything. From television remotes to car locks, everything works perfectly with a press of a button. With smartphones, we are spoilt for choice. Our whole world, from social life to our finances, is cramped up in this little device. Even the smart lights change colour at its command.

Why another panel of buttons to control our brains? It’ll only make us into a new breed in the clan of robots.

Actually, God has already equipped us with one huge button. It’s called ‘The Human Willpower’, embedded in our brains.

With Willpower, we can overpower our anger and decide not to lose our cool. With our Willpower, we can get over our paranoia and be more confident; it can encourage us and not let any humiliation hold us down. Willpower can help us stay sparkling at all times. 

Our Willpower is the quintessential attribute for a positive and joyful life. We find a lot of things that make us whine, but very few to make us smile. Let us choose to smile more often.

Think about it. Uncover this button and see the change.